Actiweb automation platform

Using Actiweb software is flexible even on mobile devices and we support both Android and Apple products.

The communication protocols are BACnet and Modbus.

The substation processor can be either an industrial PC or a Magio WEB-compact controller.



Actiweb supports third party Modbus I/O -modules as well as our own Magio modules (e.g. Metz Connect).

The Actiweb is an automation platform, with browser-based user interface, developed by Bithouse. A separate programming license is not required, and the system can be programmed and configured by common tools, such as excel or wordpad.

The communication protocol can be either BACnet or Modbus. Graphics drawing tool is also integrated into the system. Actiweb software runs direct on internet browser, so no separate programming software is required 

Structure of the Actiweb software platform

Automation programs, user interface, and various communication interfaces are built-in features of the Actiweb platform.

Actiweb platform runs on Linux Ubuntu device (industrial PC). In this way, the life cycle of the equipment is also secured in the future, as the customer is free to purchase a replacement device.

Actiweb user interface works directly on the internet browser!!!

Actiweb programming, graphics editor and system monitoring run directly in the internet browser. Programming is based on the LUA programming language and is fast and flexible thanks to its extensive standard program library. For example, all I/O points are in trend tracking by default. A versatile graphics library also speeds up project implementation.

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