Magio Web and Magio I/O-modules

The Magio product family includes the Magio WEB compact controller, Magio Serial M and Magio Ethernet M I/O modules.

The Magio WEB is a freely-programmable compact controller. A connection to a 4G modem or WIFI card is standard. The controller communication protocols are BACnet IP, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

The Magio Serial M is an I/O module using the Modbus RTU protocol on the RS485 bus.

The Magio Ethernet M is an I/O module using the Modbus protocol with two Ethernet connectors. The module also has an RS485 connector, so it can be used as a gateway for the Monitor Serial module.

The Magio I/O module measures, monitors, adjusts and controls
Bithouse universal modbus I/O-modules
Magio WEB and Magio I / O modules are completely universal. Both analog and digital input and output messages can be connected to the module. One module type for all automation!
Magio I/O modules have a maximum of 8 analog or 16 digital freely-configurable, universal I/O points. They can be programmed to operate in any mode: AI, AO, DI, DO. The same module can contain both digital and analog input and output messages. The total sum of digital and analogue messages shall not exceed 16 according to the table above.

Magio detects process failures! Magio I/O modules monitor device health and detect anomalies.

Bithouse Universal Modbus
Actuator failure is very difficult to detect. The Magio I/O modules detect if the current drawn by the faulty actuator is outside alarm limits and the automation system can then generate an alarm. For example, a thermal actuator failure can be quickly identified by current measurement.

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