Monitor A alarm center

An excellent solution for both the modernization of existing alarm centers and for new sites.

The Monitor A alarm center has a 4G interface as standard, allowing alarms from devices connected to the center to be sent to the correct service personnel via either text message or email. This allows the recipient to immediately see which device is alerting.

Alarms can be prioritized into different urgency categories and groups. The onward transmission of alarms can be timed or different alarms can be sent to different recipients (HVAC- electrical, cold … etc.)

When connected to the Actiweb Cloud service, the alarm history is also available to the customer.

From the local 2.5 “operator panel you can see the status of the alarms and acknowledge active alarms.

Monitor is easily scalable and  expand with distributed Magio I/O modules, so that all the alarm centers in the property can be connected to the Monitor control panel.

Different sensor data such as temperature, air quality and humidity measurements can also be freely connected to the system and limit values ​​for alarms can be set.

The system can be programmed over a 4G connection according to customer requirements, so the commissioning engineer does not need to know how to configure the system.

The Monitor A Center “speaks” the Modbus and BACnet protocols as standard, so it can be easily connected to the building automation system via a bus.

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